PhD (Architecture and Design Research), Washington–Alexandria Architecture Center, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2019

Master of Architecture (History and Theory of Architecture), McGill University, 2000 

Bachelor of Architecture + Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University, 1994

The John Stewardson Memorial Competition, First Prize, 1995 

Creative Achievement Award, 1995

Kossman Prize, Second Place, 1994

AIA [American Institute of Architects] Medal, 1994

The John Stewardson Memorial Competition, Honorable Mention, 1994 

Fourth Year Design Excellence Award, 1993

Reuben and Gladys Golumbic Scholarship, 1993

Ewing Cherry Cole Award, 1993

AIA/AAF [American Architectural Foundation] Scholarship, 1992/3

Third Year Design Excellence Award, 1992

PCMA [Pennsylvania Concrete Masonry Association] Competition, Honorable Mention, 1992

Bracken–Corbelletti Competition, Honorable Mention, 1991