Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture and Design Research), Washington–Alexandria Architecture Center, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2019

Master of Architecture (History and Theory of Architecture), McGill University, 2000 

Bachelor of Architecture + Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University, 1994

The John Stewardson Memorial Competition, First Prize, 1995 

Creative Achievement Award, 1995

Kossman Prize, Second Place, 1994

AIA [American Institute of Architects] Medal, 1994

The John Stewardson Memorial Competition, Honorable Mention, 1994 

Fourth Year Design Excellence Award, 1993

Reuben and Gladys Golumbic Scholarship, 1993

Ewing Cherry Cole Award, 1993

AIA/AAF [American Architectural Foundation] Scholarship, 1992/3

Third Year Design Excellence Award, 1992

PCMA [Pennsylvania Concrete Masonry Association] Competition, Honorable Mention, 1992

Bracken–Corbelletti Competition, Honorable Mention, 1991