Book Chapters

La Coe, Jodi. “Dreaming the Fourth Dimension: László Moholy-Nagy’s Inversions,” forthcoming in Ceilings and Dreams: the Architecture of Levity. Routledge, Paul Emmons, Federica Goffi, and Jodi La Coe, eds., under contract, manuscript submitted, copy editing in progress, anticipated September 2019.

La Coe, Jodi. “Projecting IN side OUT | OUT side IN: Reversibility in Urban Theater Spaces,” forthcoming in Interior Urbanism Theory Reader, Routledge, Gregory Marinic, ed., under contract.

pozzo galileo

La Coe, Jodi. “Quadratture: The Joining of Truth and Illusion in the Interior Architecture of Andrea Pozzo,” in Interior Architecture Theory Reader, Gregory Marinic, ed., Routledge, 19–27, 2018.

La Coe, Jodi and Paul Emmons. “Ethereal Matter,” in Aki Ishida, Cloud: Interactive Installation of Light and Sound, 6–12, 2016.