JAE YA collages all.jpg

Maieutics with Berrin Terim, 2017


West Room, Ceilings and Dreams: the architecture of levity at the Frascari Symposium III (Virginia Tech), 2017


Hinton’s Fourth Dimension Tesseract Stage (Virginia Tech), 2016


HP labyrinths.jpg

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili Frontispiece (Virginia Tech), 2015


cubes cascade.jpg

Zairja Cube (Virginia Tech), 2015


IMG_3458 (1).jpg

Untitled (Virginia Tech), 2014


ignatius map pano.jpg

Map of Rome, 1995–2010


janes marker recto.jpg

mcgill exhibit.jpeg

Meditations on Jane’s Marker, 2006–08



Infinite Strip Competition entry (arquitectum), 2007


censor long.jpg


Faculty Competition Entry (Penn State), 2005


kitchen plan pgh.jpg

Atlantic Avenue Kitchen Floor (Pittsburgh, PA), 1997


marilyn combo final lt.jpg

Marilyn with Jessica O’Brien (Penn State), 1994


thesis concept wc1.jpg

Psychosomatic Expression drawing (Rome), 1993