La Coe has published widely on design, pedagogy, and theories of representation. La Coe has completed two book chapters: “Ethereal Matter” with Paul Emmons (Aki Ishida, ed., Cloud: An Interactive Installation of Light and Sound, 2016) and the forthcoming “Quadrature: the Joining of Truth and Illusion in the Interior Architecture of Andrea Pozzo” (Gregory Marinic, ed., Interior Architecture Theory Reader, Routledge, 2018). Two forthcoming chapters include “Projecting IN side OUT: Reversibility in Urban Theater Spaces” (Interior Urbanism Theory Reader) and “Dreaming the Fourth Dimension: The Curious Role of the Perspectival Viewer in László Moholy-Nagy’s Photoplastiks” (Ceilings and Dreams: The Architecture of Levity, Routledge).

La Coe was the lead author and designer for two books in 2014: Design Guide for the Borough of State College, Pennsylvania (Borough of State College) and Perimeter Protection Streetscape Handbook (The United States Department of State). Both publications detailed design guidelines for public space. In 2012, she designed and edited the Proceedings of 28th National Conference of the Beginning Design Student [NCBDS], End of/in the Beginning: Realizing the Sustainable Imagination (The Pennsylvania State University).

Previously, La Coe published extensively in the Proceedings of the National Conference of the Beginning Design Student [NCBDS] as well as other venues including Proceedings of the 104th Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture [ACSA] Annual  Meeting, Shaping New Knowledges and Int|AR [Interventions|Adaptive Reuse]. These and other articles may be accessed by clicking on the links to the left.