Festival of Song and Light


American architect Claude Fayette Bragdon captivated audiences with his designs for mesmerizing light shows in the early twentieth century. In addition to his writings on the spatial fourth dimension, Bragdon composed a short treatise on Architecture and Democracy in which he wrote:

The world war represents not the triumph, but the birth of democracy. The true ideal of democracy—the rule of a people by the demos, or group soul—is a thing unrealized. How then is it possible to consider or discuss an architecture of democracy—the shadow of a shade? It is not possible to do so with any degree of finality, but by an intention of consciousness upon this juxtaposition of ideas—architecture and democracy—signs of the times may yield new meanings, relations may emerge between things apparently unrelated, and the future, always existent in every present moment, may be evoked by that strange magic which resides in the human mind.

You can find the full text of this and other books by Bragdon at Project Gutenberg.

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